Italy: Germany…I’ve resorted to selling myself for pasta.

Germany: Vhat?! You have plenty of money! I can give you some, why are you doing zis?

Italy: Because Germany

Italy: I can say

Italy: I’m a


Germany: …….

Italy: ……

Germany: K but seriously put on pants and come home

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I use hun not hon because you are not my honey, you are my fierce warrior

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I am made of glitter and jackassery

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Who wants some of my manjito?

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Let talk about Sex! Drop one in my ask box to tell me what you would do to/with/for my character!


★ I’d Dominate you

☆ I’d Submit for you

♣  3-Some

♤ 4-Some 

∞ More-some

▲ Handjob

▼ Blowjob

♒ Swallow

ψ Bukkake

☼ In public

✪ Put on a Show  (exhibitionism)

○ Be my Slave

◎ Be my Master

☾ Dress up

♪ Talk Dirty

☺Make a baby

☑ Add your own!

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Send me “Shawty wanna fuck” if your muse wants to get in bed with mine to see their reaction.